Subscriber Growth Boosts Netflix Shares


Amazon (AMZN)

Apple (AAPL)


Earnings Season

Following yesterday’s release of its quarterly profits report, the streaming behemoth Netflix (NFLX), which had a less-than-stellar year in which it struggled to keep up with inflation, COVID cases receding, and increased market rivalry, may be finding its footing. Popular Netflix series may have contributed to the astounding rise and unexpected uptick in subscribers.

Following earnings, Netflix stock increases

How has Netflix been treated so far in 2022?

Netflix was affected by inflation, recession fears, and the crisis in Ukraine, which caused more economic difficulties, since 2022 was apparently not kind to several market sectors.

Many market observers and analysts believe that the anticipated adjustments may result in an increase in the company’s profitability. Despite being widely popular abroad, many people are still dubious about Netflix’s ability to expand outside of the US since they believe that other markets may be more difficult to break into. Therefore, it is unknown if Netflix will be able to maintain this rise over the course of the upcoming quarter. Investors and traders should wait to see what the streaming giant’s future holds, and they may want to keep a watch on its rivals like Disney (DIS), Apple (AAPL), and Amazon (AMZN). (Source:CNBC)

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