About US

The mission of Digital Information Publishing is to provide a means for ordinary consumers to search for products, businesses and services that are available in particular locations. In many countries around the world, citizens do not have access to information which would allow them the chance to compare different products or services available to them. This can lead to them spending more money than necessary, or travelling long distances to find products they need. Our aim is to change this with our digital marketing platform, which will allow businesses to be listed on search engines which consumers can search using filters to find relevant information. This will not only assist consumers but will give businesses worldwide an opportunity to maximise their exposure. Many customer-friendly businesses do not currently get the exposure they deserve, while other arguably less good ones do. This is partly because many businesses do not list themselves in enough blogs and search engines online. Digital Information Publishing aims to make it easier for those businesses to promote themselves.

In order to make sure we are providing the best possible service, we will take note of customer feedback and aim to improve where possible. Customers will be able to work with us to improve our service. This close relationship with customers will make it easier for businesses to update their details as soon as possible, thus reducing the prospect of out of date information being available online. This way, consumers will know they can rely on our service. The primary source of leads for businesses will be our unique and innovative search engine, combined with a blog. These will have unique features which will make them rise above the competition. They will be designed to appeal to a wide and varied audience, with large volumes of traffic therefore being generated. DIP will aim to adapt to changes in the digital marketing and advertising industries, so that our customers are not left behind. 

The primary focus of DIP will be customers who subscribe for a fee and in turn will be able to launch an extensive digital campaign which will expose their brands to a wide audience. Customers will be able to subscribe via a subscription link on the site. The cost of signing up will hopefully be small in comparison to the benefits of new marketing opportunities. These benefits include building an online presence with our assistance; ongoing opportunities for targeted marketing including promotion of offers; and the opportunity to develop relationships with customers. Subscribers will be able to directly market themselves to prospective customers within their local area, who are looking for a specific service or product. This unique feature makes subscribing to Digital Information Publishing a must for any ambitious business.