Stocks Fall after CPI Report



Apple (AAPL)

Facebook (Meta)


Although it is no secret that inflation has had a significant negative impact on economies around the world, some experts may have been disappointed by yesterday’s CPI data since they had hoped for a somewhat lower inflation rate. The CPI report released on Tuesday reveals that the US market has not been able to adapt to this circumstance, despite the depressing reality that the economy and possibly the typical consumer have been indisputably battling in the face of inflation for a considerable amount of time. The stocks and indices that have suffered the most damage thus far are shown below.

Falling Wall Street Stocks

The most recent CPI report revealed what?

Yesterday saw the release of the most recent US CPI figures for August. The most widely recognised indicator of inflation and deflation, the CPI, revealed a lower-than-anticipated inflation rate in July. This is because the figures for July indicated an increase of 8.5 in US consumer prices, as opposed to the original increase of 8.7 projected by experts. As a result, this might have been the glimmer of hope that the market and the typical consumer needed to combat inflation. This may be the reason why economists may have been a little too bullish about the CPI readings for August. Although they had first expected the CPI for August to fall to 8%, the findings indicated that it actually dipped to 8.3% and inflation increased.

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