Eurozone stocks advance despite inflation



DAX (Germany 40)

CAC 40 (France 40)

FTSE 100 (UK 100)

The year 2022 has not been a calm one for the world economy as a whole, and markets in Europe have not been any different. The future hasn’t always appeared clear this year due to geopolitical unpredictability, unprecedented inflation, and price volatility. Yesterday’s trading from London to Germany showed a mixed picture, making it more difficult to draw simple conclusions about the economy of the Old Continent’s near future course.

Illustration of European Indices

London Remains Stable

Investors may have been expecting for evidence of a return to stability in recent times because the British economy is still adjusting to the post-Brexit period as well as the struggles of the COVID-19 recovery. However, much of 2022 has been marked by runaway inflation along with the Bank of England’s efforts to restrain consumer price increases, just like in the US.

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