Mammoth Cave and the Portal to the Hollow Earth

The Kentucky Cave Wars

The Haunted Chambers, the Giant’s Coffin, the Devil’s Looking Glass, and the Bottomless Pit are just a few of the ominously named features experienced daily by visitors to Mammoth Cave.  An experienced guide can offer tourists a name for nearly every nook and cranny in the vast cave system.  The many named features of Mammoth Cave have served many purposes over the cave’s history; they are used as landmarks to help explorers navigate the never-ending labyrinth of passages, reminders of events that occurred at different locations in the cave, odes to the brave men and women that dared to venture into a previously unknown place, or even reflections of people and events in popular culture.  For instance, if a visitor was familiar with the popular locations of New York State, they may wish to visit the Frozen Niagara, the Hippodrome, or Grand Central Station in the New Entrance.  However, if…

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