Project Iceberg: the ground beneath our cities and subsurface space management.

Landscape Interface Studio

Project Iceberg undertaken by Future Cities Catapult, British Geological Survey (BGS) and Ordnance Survey (OS) examines the lack of information about the features beneath our towns and cities; data is often incomplete and the approach to managing subsurface space is isolated and uncoordinated.  Project Iceberg consideres both physical infrastructure (i.e. underground utilities) and natural ground conditions (i.e. geological data).

iceberg project3

This project looks at ways of sharing all the information among a wide range of relevant organisations including utility and energy companies, the transport sector, street works planners and building developers, as well as the public sector. The study aimes to enable a methodology that aids discovery and access to relevant data about the ground’s physical condition and assets housed within it, in a way that is suitable for modern, data driven decision-making processes.

 iceberg project

 Image: Iceberg project – potential benefits from an integrated data system.

The project also identifies the potential…

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