Iroquois Design

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The Iroquois design is a reflection of their deep religious and cultural views of everything having value and spirit. The design elements are deeply symbolic, with many natural elements such as animals and trees depicted to represent spirit. Each tribe was unique in their ceremonies and culture, however many of the same design techniques were used. Today, symbols of the Native Americans can be found in modern America. For example, The Thunderbird, which can be found in many ceremonies and was a repetitive element of design in Iroquois culture, now translates to the Eagle, our nation’s mascot. The meanings are quite similar and the dominant meanings that the Eagle holds for our country (integrity, strength, authority) are derived from the Iroquois depiction of the Thunderbird.Another example is dress. One Iroquois tribe, the Kanienkehaka, or more commonly known as the Mohawk tribe, wore their hair long in the middle and…

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