Put The Army On The Streets

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Last night I listened intently to Trevor Phillips poignant rendition and moving account on knife crime in our City of London. Children, as young as 14, and younger, running drug errands for gangs and being bullied by agents associated to drug barons.
The story we are being fed by national media, is indeed, just the tip of the iceberg. Young lives are being lost at pace. Families are broken on a daily basis. But it is the continuous stabbings and horrifying assaults that go unmentioned! There lies our problem! This worrying trauma affects many families.
“Too much analyse breeds paralysis.” It is time for action.
London has seen some major atrocities over recent years – and it’s getting worse!
What to do?
Here is My Plan:
The PM’s promise of 20,000 new police officers across the UK is futile and without foundation. They are recruiting straight out of University and will need acute professional training. In the interim many, many lives will still be lost!
Of the 20,000 new recruits, London has been promised 5,000? London alone needs 20,000 new police officers, to return to a healthy position.
Society has moved on. The situation is now horrendous! Ruling bodies must face the facts – communities are suffering under a welter of tyranny, in part caused by poverty and continuous government cut-backs.
Our Met Police have been trained to serve their communities. However, serious injuries inflicted upon Police Officers, and other emergency service workers, are forever prevalent and increasing! The seriousness of injuries inflicted by armed criminals, carrying daggers, swords and machetes can only be combatted by the presence of Special Armed Forces, who have expertise in urban warfare. The recent attack on a Met Officer on a London street is evidence of the machete-carrying criminals confronting our London Police.
As a new Mayor of London – my plan is profound and very serious indeed. I make a case for the intervention of the Army on the streets of London, as a pre-curser, to free-up the Met Police, that they may do the job they are employed to do, i.e., policing London. Currently they are too stretched to carry out their ordinary policing jobs, with over-time being obligatory, for street-protests, etc. Police morale is at an all-time low.
Over the years, and in view of the distinct bloodshed, I have arrived at this conclusion. After giving careful thought to the matter – our Special Armed Forces must be deployed, with immediate effect.

The Summer is upon us. Summer’s heat and daylight hours, will make this issue exceedingly worse. The Police, with the help of the Army, must by then have complete control of London’s streets. Our citizens, young and old, must be at liberty to travel in peace throughout London. East London, has now become a post-code lottery nightmare to many youngsters.

Clearly, London’s Metropolitan Police have lost the streets!

Citizens cannot wait 2-3 years for new recruits to be trained.
Action is needed NOW!
The Army must be deployed.
They live close by in their London Barracks,
all fully trained,
fully armed,
and ready for action!

2020 London Mayoral Candidate
(Leader of “UNITY IN ACTION”)
Website: http://www.unityinaction.co.uk

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